Comedy Classes
Become a comedian!

Next Orientation:
Oct 3, 2015
Class begins:
Oct 10th 3pm
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-6 week intensive workshops for beginners and advanced students.

What we teach you:
-Joke writing
-show structure & design
-rehearsal techniques
-dealing with hecklers
-microphone technique
-fearless performing
-writing groups
-comedy ethics
-business of comedy
-marketing yourself
-and much more

Student Benifits:
-All-access passes
-Student Discounts
-Friends & Family Discounts
-Open Mic priority spots

Student Showcase:
Held after Graduation

Two courses to choose from:

Standup Comedy Classes:
Oct 3rd at 3PM Free Orientation

Class begins Saturday Oct 10th at 3PM. This is the perfect introductory course for anyone who wants to get started. Become a stand-up comedian, better public speaker, life of the party...CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

NEW!!! Going Pro Workshop:
July 11th at 1PM Free Orientation

Class begins Saturday July 18th at 1PM. This 6-week course will give a beginner or veteran amateur the insight they need to plan for the transition to try for a professional comedy career. From finance and budgeting, to performance needs and marketing, Zach Miller has the experience to guide you in the right direction and help you make more efficient use of your efforts! Time to take your comedy to the next level...CLICK HERE TO REGISTER