Comedy Classes
Become a comedian!

Next Orientation:
Sept 23, 2017
Class begins:
Sept 30th at 1PM
Sign up today!

-6 week intensive workshops for beginners and advanced students.

What we teach you:
-Joke writing
-show structure & design
-rehearsal techniques
-dealing with hecklers
-microphone technique
-fearless performing
-writing groups
-comedy ethics
-business of comedy
-marketing yourself
-and much more

Student Benifits:
-All-access passes
-Student Discounts
-Friends & Family Discounts
-Open Mic priority spots

Student Showcase:
Held after Graduation

Tuesday Night: SHOW UP, GO UP!*

Show up and go up!

Beginning August 9th we will have a signup list available at 6:30pm.

Come out and get your 3 minutes on stage! Only the first 20 comedians will be gauranteed.

INVITE your friends to see you perform and get 5 minutes!


Purchase a food or beverage and get 5 minutes!

*If there are more than 20 signed up, we will do our best to put you up.